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Introduction of Hydoo

Leading Developer and Operator of Integrated Large-scale Trade and Logistics Centers in China

   Hydoo International Holding Limited (“HYDOO”) is a leading developer and operator of integrated large-scale trade and logistics center in China.

   HYDOO has put efforts on developing, constructing and operating trade and logistics projects in cities over the years and is among the front-runners in the industry in terms of the number of large-scale trade and logistics centers developed and operated, the total gross floor area and the land bank. HYDOO has taken the lead in integrating functions such as commodity trading, e-commerce, commercial complex, financial services, intelligent warehousing and logistics, corporate headquarters and base, innovative enterprise incubator, star hotel, international conference and exhibition, leisure and entertainment, forming an intensive, large-scale, full-format, multi-functional and modern trade and logistics model.

   While maintaining the pace of steadily developing trade and logistics centers, HYDOO has created the “Same City O2O”Internet platform——“Yiqilai (毅起來)”by relying on the trade city physical market. Leveraging the Group’s trade and logistics centers and internet technology, it aimed to form an integrated platform to provide traditional large market with trading services through the internet, ranging from online transfer and transaction to online property management and financing.

   With the “modern logistics + Internet” ecological system model, HYDOO is committed to creating a nationwide, highly-efficient and three-dimensional trade and logistics service platform. Merchants can monitor big data in connection with commodity logistics on a 24-hour basis to improve logistics efficiency and achieve seamless online and offline connection, which helps merchants solve the problem of last kilometer service radius. 

   During an economic era of “Internet+”, HYDOO aims to create full ecological smart communities and smart cities led by sharing economy to provide a comprehensive one-stop living package service and welfare platform integrating consumption, work, finance and security and finally establishes systems for the provision of value-added services in the community, sales cooperation services for merchants and urban delivery and logistics services. These systems will help to boost the sales and operating income of small and medium-sized merchants operating in our trade and logistics centers.

   In line with the integration of business, logistics, capital and information of the trade and logistics sector, HYDOO will develop new businesses and models for mobile internet, communities and finance and will put efforts in the transition between new and traditional businesses in an orderly and effective manner, and introduce the Group’s standards for the development of the integrated trade and logistics industry in an effort to promote the awareness and reputation of the Hydoo brand.